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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

My name is Adrienne Farricelli, I’m a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, and for the last 10 years, I’ve been helping people to eliminate bad behaviors in dogs and train well behaved, obedient, loving dogs…by showing them how to bring out the ‘hidden intelligence’ inside their dog.

Every dog without exception – has a hidden intelligence inside.

It’s an untapped resource to help you remove just about any troublesome behavior.



Objective: Your dog must make eye contact despite the distraction of a cookie.

You Will Need:

  • Dog cookies or any other food item


This little brain game will teach your dog that looking into your eyes is what magically grants him a treat. Whether you own a puppy, an adult dog, or a rescue dog, this game is a great way to bond and help him view you as a source of rewards and pleasure! It also improves your dog’s ability to pay attention to you despite distractions.

The only things you will need to play this game are some larger treats that protrude from your fingers (a dog cookie may work well at first) and the ability to act like an airplane, so let’s get started!

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How To Do Online Dog Training Using Airplane Game?

Find a quiet area with few distractions. When you’re ready to begin, hold a dog cookie in one of your hands, letting it protrude from your fingers so your dog sees it.

Now, stretch your arms out as though you were an airplane while keeping the cookie in clear view.


Here I am doing my best airplane impression! Notice the large cookie protruding from one hand.

If your dog is highly food motivated, he’ll likely look at the cookie in your hand and perhaps even drool.

If he’s the type of dog who gets frustrated, he may bark or paw at you, and if he’s a jumper he may attempt to jump up and take it! Ignore these behaviors and keep the cookie firmly held so he can’t get it.


wait patiently until your dog looks into your eyes. The moment he makes eye contact with you, say “yes” and let the cookie fall to the ground so he can get it


Einstein makes eye
contact! At this point, say
“yes” and immediately drop the treat!


Your dog has just discovered that eye contact is what makes you drop the “bomb” (treat)! As he gets good at this you can use smaller, bite-sized treats. This will help him pass the exam with “flying” colors (ha, get it?), as he won’t spend precious seconds chewing on a cookie!

Still facing some problem?

In some cases, your dog may not notice the entertainment in your hand. If so, try moving the hand with the cookie around a little to grab his attention. If you really need to, you can lower the hand, let him sniff the cookie, then raise it back up into position. This may lead to jumping, but ignore the jumping behavior and wait for him to make eye contact.

If your dog still doesn’t make eye contact, you may need to give him a little hint. In the Brain Training for Dogs course, The “Look into My Eyes” game will teach your dog to make eye contact whenever you make the smacking sound we learned about earlier.

Online dog training

I make the smacking sound from “Look into My
Eyes” so Einstein makes eye contact. When he looks into my eyes I say “yes” and drop the treat.

Once your dog has mastered “Look into My Eyes,” you can use the smacking sound during “The Airplane Game” as a hint.

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Increase the Challenge

Once your dog gets the hang of this game, you can make it more intriguing by replacing the dog cookie with even higher-value items like your dog’s favorite bone. You can even add a touch of unpredictability by hiding different treats in your hand so your dog doesn’t know what they are until you let them fall to the ground.

To add even more fun and unpredictability, randomly change the hand that holds the treat.

The Exam

When you’re ready, start your timer (a stopwatch works well) and complete three repetitions of “The Airplane Game” exercise in a row. This means holding up a treat with your arms outstretched, waiting for your dog to make eye contact, then dropping the treat—and repeating this two more times. As soon as you’re finished, stop the timer and check the grade table on the following page to find out how well your dog scored.

You may have noticed that I use a clicker instead of saying “yes.” In the Brain Training for Dogs course, I will teach you all about clickers and how
to use them to take your training to the next level.

Einstein’s Tip: to complete the challenge faster, use small treats that your dog eats in one bite, and don’t toss the treat across the room, just let it fall to the ground. This one’s a joint effort between dog and owner to get the ‘A’ grade!

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Simple Techniques to develop your Dog’s “Hidden Intelligence” to get your dream’s pet- obedient and well-behaved.

Let’s start and see what my dog training system contains and how it is unique.

Fact 1when dog’s mental level is healthy it stimulates enough and many behavior problems of them melt away. It is a fact but now a day’s most training programs get fails to engage and develop your dog’s mental level, in result it does not develop his/her intelligence. Later I’ll explain it.

Fact 2today dog training system seller just give you cookie-cutter techniques but these techniques do not address the root cause of your dog’s problematic behavior. It will stop biting, chewing or barking but these all are short term effectiveness it does not solve the root cause of the problem. These techniques programs get fails to address the root cause of dog’s wrong behavior.

Fact 3most programs seller is not working with latest research. There training programs has prepared with the outdated force and dominance techniques. In compare to this my dog’s training program’s methods are force-free and very gentle too. My programs has prepared on the basis of latest science in dog behavior research. It is prepared for the purpose to create a strong bond between you and your pet dog. It will develop positive and healthy emotions in your dog instead of fearful ones. These programs only going to reinforce the behavior you want in your dog.

Fact 4you should avoid taking advice from trainer who does not have professional certifications. They create their dog’s training program by PHONEYS with no certifications. This can be dangerous too because using wrong techniques will lead to worse behaviors of dog.

Do you need a secret to use your dog’s natural intelligence to stop his/her wrong behavior?

Online Dog Training
Read following problems of dogs and check anyone is sounding familiar to you;
      • Your dog‘s behavior frustrates  you

      • Your dog’s  nature is aggressive

      • Your dog is mostly jumping up

      • Your dog  never listen you

      • Your dog is uncontrollably continuous barking

      • You need to train a new born puppy

      • Your dog is chewing wrong things

      • Your dog is digging most of the time

      • You are regretting to getting a dog for pet

      • You are feeling to drop your dog to care taker because of his/her wrong behavior which is not tolerable

      • You are helpless to control your dog

      • Your dog is constantly whining

      • Your dog suffers from anxiety or have fear of certain stimuli or sound

      • You want a obedient dog

      • Your dog gets over excited for long term

      • You want a better bond with your pet dog with less efforts and stress

You may be feeling relatable with above written problems or any other you can think, almost can be cured with simple techniques which I am about to show you all.

Once you understand simple techniques to unlock your dog’s natural intelligence which is created by me you will get amazed like how quickly your dog’s problem get solved and

It may be sounds like a dream Right? But in actual it is not. I have created these techniques with my experience.

Brain training for dogs is the solution of so many mental issues of dogs. Lack of mental stimulation causes anxiety and boredom in your dog which can lead to end of physical and so many behavioral problems. Now a day’s reason behind these problems of dog’s is spending less quality time with their people. For these problems I am providing a series of puzzles and exercises that will challenge and entertain dogs of all abilities.

The behind my Online dog training system

The Simple Science

I have used simple science behind my training system which corrects bad behaviors of dogs. Neuro-plasticity is used for human brain you may have heard this idea. Harvard and other leading universities heavily researched about this idea.

The Animalia

In simple words you can understand this; human brains are like soft plastic so it is always available capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors. Well dog is also come in same kingdom “ANIMALIA’ like human being as per biological taxonomy.


You will get the right mental stimulation and training in my program which can develop your dog’s brain to become more open and receptive to learning new information. Your dog will listen to you properly and better understand you in results he/she will obey you.


When your children is bored and you are not focusing on him/her to stimulate them intellectually; they tend to start misbehaving, crying, etc. this case is same in your dog’s too. Just like us, they have similar mental issues like anxiety, depression or stress!

I as a dog trainer have 10 years of experience has realized easily that it easy to train to drag out bad habits and get develop good habits in more smart dogs. You can easily teach them new skill too. It is all happens because a more intelligent and smart dog has the capacity in his mind to develop new habits easily because he/she can take your command easily. 

They are more obedient and behave properly. It may be not making sense to you now like what I meant by smart or intelligent dog right? Actually when your dog’s bad behaviors simply disappear and you are seeing now more desirable habits in your dog in place of bad ones it means he/she is a smart dog who can easily get command and develop his/her mind.

It will make you more sense when you deeply think about it and continuously read down below for more things to know about my training program for dogs.

If you are dealing with a really stubborn dog who do not obey you. Then this is going to be a great question for you. The reason behind my answers is quite simple and helpful.


I am going to show you a specific set of games for your dog which can stimulate your dog’s mind correctly. In results you will see following things in your dog:

  • Your dog’s learning ability will touch skyline
  • You and your dog is going to develop a good strong bond between you both
  • Your dog will behave right and become more obedient as you wanted
  • Your dog’s bad behaviors will fade away
  • Temperament of your dog is going to be improve
  • Your dog will become more healthy

I know some people are still feeling questionable “why should I buy this training system for my dog?” okay so here is my answer for those people.

I have covered every conceivable problem anyone can have with his/her dog. I had also include the solutions for these problems that how to solve them. Some problems which I have covered:

  • Impulse control
  • jumping most time
  • digging
  • aggression dealing
  • potty training
  • chewing
  • whining
  • excessive barking
  • hyperactivity
  • not obeying

You are also going to get huge annals for almost every wrong behavior of dogs. Whatever problem you can think it will be listed there. A tailor made solutions which is going to tackle the root problem of your dogs. With years of experience a certified professional has created all this.


I am providing a simple process which you can follow easily. Simplicity is the key to solve any problem it is implies in dog’s behavioral problem too. You can ask this too any successful dog trainer. With simple process you can change the bad behaviors into good ones. So the sample of mine is simple to follow; it will virtually give you information about your dog you need to know and want to do with your dog to change his wrong behavior into right ones.


You are going to get an individual root cause behind every problem you are seeing in your dog. Like excessive barking or aggressive behavior, whining, chewing etc. you will get a tailored solution for each and every problem. Mostly Online dog training system does not work properly because they do not work individually on your dog they only provide all encompassing solutions.


You are going to get:

  • Step by step guide
  • Trouble shooting guides
  • Force-free and easy directions
  • Picture and video demonstrations

You can use all of them to easily unlock the dog’s natural intelligence and replace his/her bad behavior with right ones.

Literally I have tried to compress the year of studies of dog’s hundreds of problems into a ‘paint-by numbers’ of system. I have created this system so that you can develop your pet dog into your desirable pet.



I am providing you customer support through many years of expertise. Although, I am going to personally support you too with my support system. You will get success in this surely.


You will get access to a private forum too in which you can discuss all the wrong behavior of your dog and training for them with other dog owners who is facing same things.

I have got amazing track records to helping my clients so that they can have outstanding changes in their pet dog’s behaviors. Give a look down below I am sharing an instance;

“WOW! Wish we had had this info 3 years ago! In just the last few hours our sibling boys have lowered the intensity and length of barking episodes by at least 50%!!! I can’t wait to see the results a month from now!!”
David Hummels

Nothing is going to be just a fluffy theory because all the secrets I have shared in this training system have been tested in the real world of dog training first.

The Program Called -

Online Dog Training

It will dramatically make your dogs obedient.

Disappear all troublesome behavioral problems like excessive barking, chewing, whining, etc.


Have your dog effortlessly sit, lie down, stay, heel, drop and walk by your side

Go through the following modules it will tell you what you’re getting inside my online course



It is the principle for this whole course. In this your dog is going to develop his brain ability and become more obedient and will respond properly to your every command. You will get the following things inside of this:

  • The ‘TARGET TRAIN’ it will tell you how to target properly on the training of your dog so that he/she can develop his/her attention on you. (e.g., targeting to let your dog train for ringing door bells, turning of lights, etc.).
  • The ‘MAGIC LITTLE WAY’ it will lead your dog to look into your eyes while you are communicating with him/her because communication is the main point to focus to get a super obedient dog.
  • An ‘Airplane Game’ it is going to be very simple. It will help you to get a pet dog that will pay attention to you like you are the source of reward and pleasure for him.


I have included some games here for developing the patience and impulse control in your dogs. Following are the games:

  • ‘JAZZ UP and SETTLE DOWN’ inside this I have provided games for dogs which will make your dogs be able to learn how to settle down quickly when he/she get hyped up with some activity for a while.
  • The ‘BOTTLE GAME’ id going to help in mental stimulation of your dog plus some exercise also so they will behave better to you in short they will start behave properly for your command.
  • ‘BOBBING FOR TREATS’ will provide the excitement and reward feelings he need to behave well. It will help you him to remove the fear of water too.


This will help your dog to develop intelligence with patience. In this you will focus on his impulsive problems too so that he will become a better dog with patience. Inside this you will get these games:

  • The ‘LOOK AT THAT GAME’ which will help your dog to understand to not to bark on other dogs or people from the window of home.
  • The ‘HIDE AND SEEK GAME’ it will help your dog to not feel trouble in alone or without you. Also it is going to develop a strong bond between you and your dog.
  • The ‘HOT AND COLD GAME’ it will increase the ability to build the confidence in your dog. It will boost his strength too.


Till now your dog has developed so many good behaviors and hr is at genius level. Now it is the time to play with his developed abilities to impress your family members and friends or guests by making your dog to stack rings, etc. inside you will get these games.

  • The ‘RING STACKERS GAME’ it will develop some skills with patience.
  • ‘PLAY THE PIANO GAME’ yeah you heard right. Your dog can actually develop the skills to play the piano on cue.
  • The ‘TIDY UP GAME’ it will develop the skills in your dog to tidy up after he/she has finished playing. It is a very good and useful skill.


The ‘POLISHING UP TRAINING’ includes following:

  • When your dog is not listening to you; you should learn that how to fade food lures so that he listen to you when he/she is not getting food in sight.
  • You should learn hand signal’s demystifying truth.
  • Some simple techniques to increase the obedience with verbal cues in your pet dogs.
  • By fading continuous rewards you can boost obedience levels of dog.

There's Lot More

And there’s lot more that you will get;

  • All instructions clearly with relatable pictures.
  • Annals which cover almost every dog behavior problems you can think of.
  • There is a video demonstration is present for brain training games.
  • Only force-free gentle techniques are available.
  • For difficult dogs there is a trouble shooting segments.
  • For any query there is ability of customer support even you can directly ask to me.
  • You can easily get all the information through online member’s area.
  • The most recent developed dog training science and techniques.
  • Specific solutions are made for specific problems for tackling the root cause.
  • All secrets shared by a certified professional trainer who have years of experience.
  • A private forum is also available there where all members can discuss their dog’s behavioral problem and training.
  • All members can connect for just chat also.


Now your dog is completely ready to enter in elementary school as he has completed his preschool training. He has developed and mastered in all the principle things of preschool. It is the best time to improve his/her skills and develop his/her senses so that he/she can pay more attention to your command and obey them properly. This will provide you following games:

  • The ‘TREASURE HUNT GAME’ it will release the boredom or anxiety from your pet dog by getting your dog to back to his evolutionary roots. Boredom or anxiety leads to so many physical and mental problems so it is necessary to solve them.
  • The ‘MUFFIN GAME’ which helps your dog’s mental stimulation grows so that he/she do not create any trouble.
  • The ‘ball pit game’ to give a ton of fun full exercises so that your dog’s energy can drain and he/she can work easier with it.


In this your dog will develop motor skills and will increase the concentration to respond to your command. You will get these following games inside this:

  • The ‘SHELL GAME’ which helps in develops the mental ability.
  • The ‘MAGIC CARPET GAME’ this is going to develop patience and dexterity in your dog.
  • The ‘OPEN SESAME GAME’ will develop the calmness as well as patience too in dogs.


In this your dog is going to develop his intelligence with advance level of motor skills which help them to focus on your commands. You will get these games inside these:

  • Advanced ‘LEG-WEAVING SKILLS’ it can impress because it looks cute on dogs.
  • The ‘SERPENTINES AND SPIRALS GAME’ it will help your dog to be around you and he/she will follow your movements too no matter how variable they are.
  • The ‘NAME RECOGNITION GAME’ it will help your dog to learn and to pick out toys by their name; it will boost his cognitive ability.

7 Trick Training Videos

I am also providing seven trick training videos which includes; Dance, Play Dead, Cover his/her eyes, Take A Bow, Shake Hands, Roll Over, Howl Here is the first training for making him/her obedient.



  • To make your dog to sit down or take/leave items some critical elements are needed which is mentioned in it.
  • Using ‘Food lure’ secrets so that your dog can obey your commands.
  • You can learn to teach your dog to drop everything which can help your dog to not taking any dangerous things because if he ever pick it he/she will ‘drop it’ to you first.
  • Key strategies are mention there so that your dog can come to you and will response you properly.
  • In short you are going to find out everything about the exact methods that I have used successfully to teach obedience command to so many dogs.
  • You will also learn all my secrets that are going to make your dog to eagerly come and listen to you.


‘ADRIENNE’S ARCHIVE’ it includes followings:

  • More than 100 articles which cover almost every behavior problem you can think of a dog.
  • I have revealed every secret dedicated to successful potty training, socialization, crate training and bite inhibition for puppy training in a complete different section.
  • There are no cookie-cutter solutions in this training system. There are different behavior problems because of different-different reasons so they all need individual solutions. I call it the technique for tackle the root problems of every bad behavioral problem to stop it fast and easily.
  • Everything like gentle techniques which is force free is created by a professional CCPDT certified trainer.

Your – Don’t Decide Now!